The 'Wonder Herb' shall be enjoyed anytime


Ginger drink is not only that hot, steamy, spicy beverage for cold weather as we imagine most of the time. With the wonderful health benefits of ginger believed since ancient times; warm the body, sooth upset stomachs, fight colds and flu, support immune system and even treat arthritis and heart conditions; this ’Wonder Herb’ shall be enjoyed at any age and for any occasion.

Therefore we gathered our team to create more exciting ways to enjoy delicious ginger drink with our Singabera 100% Natural Premium Ginger Drinks. We tried and tested dozens of ginger drink variations and here we will share some of our favorites. 

You’ll find simple, easy to make drink recipes, that you can make at home to start your day, to refresh the summer days or to comfort the soul after long day work and most importantly to share with family & friends.