Singabera Latte

Our choice of coffee replacement for afternoon break or lazy weekend mornings. This soothing, caffeine-free drink is also perfect to relax our mind before bed.



1 sachet - Singabera Original Ginger
200 ml - Fresh Milk


Put aside 1/4 teaspoon Singabera Original Ginger for garnish.

Using espresso machine:
Combine Singabera Original Ginger and milk in a metal pitcher and froth together.

Using electric frother:
Heat the milk over medium heat, let it simmer but don’t boil the milk. Add Singabera Original Ginger and whip with electric frother until you get the desired volume of froth.

Pour in a cup or mug and sprinkle the rest of Singabera Original Ginger Drink powder on top before serving.


Use our Singabera Cinnamon Ginger for a Christmassy feeling!