Singabera Original Ginger

Now available in Serbia!


We proudly announced our partnership with Fornatura to bring Singabera products to Serbia. We welcome retailer and private shop owner to carry our ginger drinks.

Singabera Fornatura Magazine Ad at Lekoviito Bilje - 12/16

Singabera Fornatura Magazine Ad at Lekoviito Bilje - 12/16

If you live in Serbia, want to try our products but can't find in your nearby shops, please drop an email to or visit, our partner will more than happy to help you.


Singabera Latte

Our choice of coffee replacement for afternoon break or lazy weekend mornings. This soothing, caffeine-free drink is also perfect to relax our mind before bed.



1 sachet - Singabera Original Ginger
200 ml - Fresh Milk


Put aside 1/4 teaspoon Singabera Original Ginger for garnish.

Using espresso machine:
Combine Singabera Original Ginger and milk in a metal pitcher and froth together.

Using electric frother:
Heat the milk over medium heat, let it simmer but don’t boil the milk. Add Singabera Original Ginger and whip with electric frother until you get the desired volume of froth.

Pour in a cup or mug and sprinkle the rest of Singabera Original Ginger Drink powder on top before serving.


Use our Singabera Cinnamon Ginger for a Christmassy feeling!


Orange Ginger

We also call this the ‘shoo away flu’ mocktail. Beside the health benefit of ginger in helping relieve cold & flu symptoms, the high vitamin C in orange helps strengthen immune system and the anti-bacterial effects of honey are also very well known.
What could be better than that?



1 sachet - Singabera Original Ginger
2 pcs - Orange
one half - Pear
2 tbsp. (30 ml) - Honey
Crushed Ice


Cut and peel the orange to get the flesh; set aside the peels. Combine Singabera Original Ginger, orange flesh, pear and honey in a blender, mix until smooth. Pour into a glass and fill the glass almost to the top with crushed ice.


Make use of the leftover orange peels for garnish or candy it! You can substitute the orange with 150ml fresh orange juice.

The 'Wonder Herb' shall be enjoyed anytime


Ginger drink is not only that hot, steamy, spicy beverage for cold weather as we imagine most of the time. With the wonderful health benefits of ginger believed since ancient times; warm the body, sooth upset stomachs, fight colds and flu, support immune system and even treat arthritis and heart conditions; this ’Wonder Herb’ shall be enjoyed at any age and for any occasion.

Therefore we gathered our team to create more exciting ways to enjoy delicious ginger drink with our Singabera 100% Natural Premium Ginger Drinks. We tried and tested dozens of ginger drink variations and here we will share some of our favorites. 

You’ll find simple, easy to make drink recipes, that you can make at home to start your day, to refresh the summer days or to comfort the soul after long day work and most importantly to share with family & friends.