The Green

Our version of green smoothies with hint of tangy ginger & cinnamon is a great morning booster. Ginger and cinnamon help stimulate the immune system naturally and horenso (japanese spinach) is particularly rich in calcium and iron.
Also, the mild taste of horenso makes it friendlier for kids. 



1 sachet - Singabera Cinnamon Ginger
1 bunch - Fresh Horenso
100 ml - Apple Juice
Ice Cubes


Add Singabera Cinnamon Ginger, horenso and apple juice in a blender. Put 2 or 3 ice cubes on top. Mix it all together with a medium speed for a start and turn it up one notch at a time until smooth. Pour into a glass, add more ice cubes if you like and serve.


If you cannot find horenso in your area, you can always substitute with kale or spinach.