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Singabera at Takashimaya, Singapore


We proudly inform you that our Premium Ginger Drinks and Organic Coconut Sugar are now available at Takashimaya Gourmet World, Level B2 since April 2016. Takashimaya is located in Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road. With this new outlet, we hope our products are more easily accessible to the pungent drink fans and natural sweetener lover around Singapore. 

Besides, you can also order thru or call (65) 9222 2106 to make your order. Our partner will be more than happy to help you.

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Organic Coconut Sugar in Singapore Expo This Week



For those of us who observe certain religious or dietary restrictions, looking for good quality product that meet our needs could be somehow challenging. Especially if we are out of our home country. This weekend might be a lucky week for you who's looking for halal product in Singapore. Selections of halal products and services from various Asia regions, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and many more, are gathered together in Halal International 2015, one of the biggest halal exhibition in Singapore. 

Are you looking for delicious natural and organic products with halal certification?

Well, why don't you come to Singapore Expo this weekend and discover Singabera's products to satisfy your cravings. You can find premium quality organic coconut sugar from Indonesia.

Coconut sugar is believed as a healthier alternative to regular table sugar because of its lower GI that makes it friendlier for diabetic. It has much more nutrient than 'empty' cane sugar besides its delicious soft caramel taste. Commonly coconut sugar is used for cooking in Asian dishes but it apparently also suits well for baking and to accompany your morning coffee or afternoon tea. 

You can also taste the best natural ginger drinks that specially use daily fresh squeezed hand-harvested ginger, no extract - no artificial flavour. As we know ginger is rich of health benefits from the basic one like keeping your body warm (especially in this rainy season) and relieving nausea, until the amazing advantages in arthritis and asthma treatment, reducing risk of cancer and helping lower cholesterol level.


Healthy & Sustainable Natural Sweetener


Coconut sugar, also often referred as palm sugar, coconut palm sugar or coconut nectar has been used traditionally for thousand of years in South-East Asia for cooking, baking and mixing with beverages. Coconut sugar comes from golden coconut palm blossom nectar that is tapped from the flower buds of the coconut palm and minimally processed without involvement of chemical/artificial ingredient in the production, resulting a high purity of natural sweetener. 

High Nutrient Content Sweetener

Coconut sugar is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. It contains potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, some amino acids and vitamins B1, B2, B3 & B6 as well as antioxidants. Regular table sugar has no nutrients other sucrose and calories. We don't say coconut sugar is superfood, but it certainly offers higher nutrient that white cane sugar. 

Lower Glycemic Index

The glycemic index (GI) is the measurement of how carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels after eating. High GI foods are rapidly digested and absorbed by the body and cause powerful spikes in blood sugar. Low-GI foods in contrary are absorbed more slowly, preventing health damaging insulin spike and therefore produce lower and slower rise of the blood sugar, which have proven benefits for health. 

Regular table sugar ranks 60-65 on glycemic index. The index of high-fructose corn syrup, the most commonly used sweetener in processed foods in the USA, is 75. Other popular natural sweetener, maple syrup has a GI of around 54. The GI of coconut sugar is 35, lower than these other sweeteners and making it a better option. 

Coconut Sugar is Sustainable

According The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the World Bank, coconut sugar is the single most sustainable sweetener in the world because coconut palm trees can produce more sugar than sugar cane, around 50-75% more per acre, and use less soil nutrients and water in the process. One coconut tree can be tapped continuously for the next 2 decades and moreover it can survive in damaged soil and actually restore it. So coconut palm trees not just provide healthy sweetener for human being but also benefit the environment ecologically. 
How amazing is that!