Artisan Handbaked Granola




Sharing the same passion for the richness of Indonesian tropical ingredients, we teamed up with our friend Amelia, an avid home baker, to bring the exotic flavors from this archipelago to your kitchen. We select fruits, nuts and spices from local farmers and blended them with premium crunchy oats creating wholesome homemade granola. 

Our granolas are heartily blended in small batches by hand and perfected over time at our kitchen in East Surakarta. We only choose the best honest ingredients naturally loaded with health benefits in every granola recipe to give you a pure guilt-free indulgence.

Nutty Raisin Granola


Nutrient-rich oats baked with selection of nuts, natural raisins and the best Indonesian spices create a spoonful of healthy goodness. With a soft caramel touch of our own Singabera Organic Coconut Sugar, this delicious energy-boosting granola simply satisfies and becomes our all-time favorite to start the day.

  • Golden Toasted Premium Oats
  • Wonogiri Cashews
  • Sun-Maid™ Raisins
  • No Added Cane Sugar & Salt
Cocoa Banana Granola


Delicious chocolatey oats folded together with the sweetness of real banana pieces will bring you back to your childhood! This powerhouse granola tastes just like dessert, but packed with beneficial antioxidants and potassium. It’s a perfect choice to lift your spirit up in the morning.

  • Golden Toasted Premium Oats
  • Ovendried Ambon Banana
  • Wonogiri Cashews & Java Cocoa
  • No Added Cane Sugar & Salt
Espresso Nuts Granola


Some believe, good days start with coffee. Some other say, start the day right with a good breakfast. Why not both? With delicious crunchy mix of golden oats, nuts, seeds and Indonesian premium coffee beans this granola is really an extraordinary start for your day.

  • Golden Toasted Premium Oats
  • Mandheling Arabica Coffee Beans 
  • Wonogiri Cashews & Super Seeds
  • No Added Cane Sugar & Salt
Pandan Coconut Granola

Pandan Coconut FLAKES

Handmade coconut flakes coated in our own Singabera Coconut Nectar Syrup are blended with glorious mix of oats, almond, cashew and mixed seeds. The fresh pandan taste and aroma bring out a truly tropical flavor. Try this granola with natural yoghurt or fresh fruit!

  • Golden Toasted Premium Oats
  • Homemade Sweet Coconut Chips
  • Wonogiri Cashews & Super Seeds
  • No Added Cane Sugar & Salt


All of our granolas are sweeten only with Singabera Organic Coconut Sugar and
free from artificial additives, flavoring or preservatives of any sort.

How To Enjoy The Delicious Singabera Granola?

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