Premium Indonesian
Tea & Tisane


Singabera offers an endless selection of tea blend, created from the finest tea leaves and the best natural ingredients: herbs, spices, flowers, fruits and beans, grown naturally by local farmers and communities from across Indonesian archipelago.

Bringing these natural agricultural products to global consumer shall encourage local tea producers and smallholder farmers to consistently produce high quality yield, eventually to help them improve their social and economic welfare.

No preservatives, additives, artificial flavour, colour and aroma of any sort are used in any of our tea and tisane selections.

We’re committed to using only the finest real ingredients sourced from Indonesian archipelago and blend our teas in small batches to ensure the freshness and quality of our tea.


Specially designed to hold whole leaf teas, the unique form gives the leaves room to brew perfectly and deliver a full flavor and aroma of the high quality tea, spices and herbs of your choice. The filter, string and label are derived from plant based material, food-grade and 100% biodegradable.



We bring choices of teas, herbs and spices to make a one-of-a-kind tea blend for your café, restaurant, hotel, venue or brand. With your help in providing character or selected ingredients, we can use our tasting and blending knowledge to design a highly signature infusion. We also can help with custom packaging according to your needs. For further assistance please contact us

The Selections

Check our catalogue for a complete tea and tisane or herbal infusion list.

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