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All Natural Goodness from the Indonesian Archipelago

Bringing you all natural goodness from the Indonesian archipelago, a tropical paradise of more than 17,000 islands blessed with rich volcanic soil and year-round sunshine. Hand-harvested and minimally processed, Singabera's products deliver the best of Indonesia’s rich earth for your selection.



Our Story


Our parents created the original natural ginger health drink over 30 years ago from fresh ginger in the hills around Solo, Indonesia, as a way to feed the family. Over time, it gained a loyal following as far away as Europe and America.

Years later, in our parents' honor, we determined to take Singabera’s commitment to creating best quality Indonesian natural products and take it global. 

Our hope is to build a sustainable business that benefits thousands of local farmers while bringing delicious natural goodness to people’s lives all over the world - a goal we can accomplish with your support.

Yours truly,

Michael Na & Steven Na



Singabera is committed to creating the highest quality products derived from natural plants, while minimizing our environmental footprint and contributing to the local community for maximum positive impact.

Our vision is to be a global leader in our product categories, and our mission is to achieve this mission by:

  1. consistently producing delicious, high quality products that make our customers happy

  2. supporting local farmers and communities

  3. being a leader through innovative eco-friendly practices

  4. minimizing our footprint on the environment

  5. fully controlling our supply chain for guaranteed quality, with no outsourcing or repackaged/rebranded products



Proudly grown and processed in Indonesia
All Singabera products are grown, harvested and processed in Indonesia. Apart from the ideal growing conditions that the archipelago offers, by placing our operations in proximity, we can control and monitor the quality, and ensure that our products are processed within a short time for optimal freshness. This also cuts down on fuel and emissions created by long transportation chains.

Hand-harvesting for optimal yield
Despite advances in modern technology, we have elected to continue the age-old practice of hand-harvesting for most of our products. This ensures best quality harvest and high production, as well as providing local communities with gainful employment.

Sustainable farming practices
We champion sustainable farming practices, as reflected by our organic coconut sugar products which are produced from the nectar of long-lived coconut palms. Unlike sugar cane, which must be chopped down to produce cane sugar, the coconut palm is merely tapped for its sap and can continue producing for decades.



Hygienic modern manufacturing
Singabera products are manufactured and packaged using hygienic modern manufacturing techniques. The quality and purity of our products have been confirmed by independent outside laboratory analysis in the United States to be among the highest in the market. 

Our factory is open for visitation. If you would like to visit us, please send an email to info@singabera.co.id



International certification 
We are HACCP, ISO 22000:2005 and HALAL certified. Additional independent certification and analysis is also available upon request including external laboratory analysis.

Labor practices
We are committed to good labor practices including equal opportunity hiring, hiring from local communities, and providing a safe and healthy workplace that supports employee welfare and high productivity.


Located in Central Java, Indonesia, since 2018 we moved to a brand-new factory incorporating eco-friendly practices such as a naturally cooling “green” roof and rain water recycling. It is our hope that this factory can also serve as inspiration for others in Indonesia, and encourage “green” architecture especially in the industrial sector. 




Believed to have various health benefits, ginger is also known as the"Wonder Herb".  It is described in ancient Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern texts, and has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial healing agent. 'Singabera' is in fact the Sanskrit name for ginger, in reference to the horn shape of the root. 

Today ginger continues to be widely used in Asian herbal therapies to warm the body, soothe an upset stomach, ease nausea, relieve cold and flu symptoms, aid digestion and relax a weary mind. Clinical tests show it contains high levels of essential oils, nutrients and vitamins such as B-5 and B-6, which are essential to optimum health. Grown in the rich volcanic soil of Indonesia under ideal growing conditions, Singabera ginger is of particularly high quality, fresh-harvested and immediately processed to retain maximum flavor..


Besides ginger, Singabera uses a number of other all-natural spices sourced from the fertile islands of Indonesia. These include lemongrass, a tropical perennial grass packed full of essential oils, and cinnamon, which has been used since Egyptian times as both a flavor enhancer and a medicinal treatment.

All Singabera spices are of the highest quality, grown in Indonesia and processed under hygenic, controlled conditions for consistency and purity. No artificial additives or preservatives are added to enhance the flavor or prolong shelf life, in keeping with our promise to bring you only all-natural premium products from the islands of Indonesia.


Organic Coconut Sugar
Coconut sugar is a sustainable, delicious-tasting alternative sweetener with naturally occurring trace minerals and a lower glycemic index than white cane sugar due to its lower fructose content.  Its subtle taste, with a hint of caramel, pairs delightfully with cakes, teas, coffees, and more.

Singabera organic coconut sugar comes from trees that are grown using certified organic farming methods. The sugar comes from golden coconut palm blossom nectar that is hand tapped, by local farmers, then delivered immediately to our factory where it is slow kettle boiled at controlled temperatures and then dried, distilling its essential goodness..



Our future event participations:

  • FOOD HOTEL INDONESIA 2019 • Jakarta, Indonesia • July 24-27

  • JAKARTA COFFEE WEEK 2019 • Jakarta, Indonesia • Aug 30-Sep 1

  • ANUGA 2019 • Cologne, Germany • Oct 5-9

  • SIAL INTERFOOD 2019 • Jakarta, Indonesia • Nov 13-16